Our Software and Hardware Make Monitoring Your Fleet As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

From the moment it’s implemented, our monitoring solutions secure your assets while increasing efficiency, by eliminating losses, thefts, tampering and anomalies.


Our army of sensors and PCBs give you real-time tank levels.


Our IoT Case ensures 100% up-time with its many network capabilities, batteries, GPS and memory.


Our solution is available in the cloud. All data are displayed on your dashboard whether you're on mobile or on the web.

UDO is a high-tech company, specializing in the provision of software and hardware. Mainly, UDO is engaged in the provision of end-to-end solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry. 

UDO’s core offering include the “Tank Truck Tracking” solution and the “Tank Monitoring” solution.

By providing all the IT layers required, UDO is capable of making hardware work seamlessly with software, on top of a scalable and robust infrastructure.

UDO is your partner of choice when it comes to fuel tracking in Africa!

Transporters lose a big chunk of their assets.

1 %

Oil transporters in Africa lose 10% of their cargo due to tampering or losses.

1 %

Theft is the main cause of cargo loss in Africa. 

UDO’s solution can help you eliminate those losses from Day one. No need to wait anymore.


UDO’s handful of multi-parameters sensors & PCBs allow to know precisely the level of fuel in any tank, whether they’re fixed tanks or on a truck tanks. 

Our IoT Box has strong network capabilities, with a SIM and e-SIM slot, as well as WiFi (2.4GHz) and Cellular. The Box also includes GPS localization, for assets mapping, and backup batteries in case of power outage, along offline recording in case of network outage.


Hosted in the Cloud

Mobile Friendly


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Our Partners

Valkor is an Energy services company, providing Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Procurement, Transportation, and Installation for offshore and onshore energy projects, specializing in remote and developing markets, and innovative and unusual applications. Valkor Technologies, its subsidiary, focuses on developing a range of innovative OEM products and technologies.


Oltranz is a high-tech company providing payment, software & IoT solutions in Rwanda since 2015 and in Nigeria since 2016. Oltranz enables companies and organizations to successfully transition to the digital world. Oltranz’ products and services (E-payments, SMS & USSD, IoT and customized applications) allow to digitalize, manage, enhance and scale operations. Oltranz is an Amazon Select Partner in Africa.

Udo is Valkor’s sole agent for Africa and uses Valkor’s state-of-the-art hardware and sensors, in all its solutions.

Oltranz is the sole developer of software and applications for Udo, but it also builds and manages the scalable infrastructure to make those applications run smoothly. 

Oltranz also customizes and enhances Valkor’s products, to make them match Nigeria’s reality and deliver an end-to-end solution.

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